Classification and principle of anti-theft door locks

Safety issues to be observed when installing anti-theft door locks

According to the principle of the lock cylinder, the anti-theft door lock can be divided into a marble lock, a blade lock, a magnetic lock, an IC card lock, a fingerprint lock and the like.

Bullet locks and magnetic locks are more common like a one-line lock, cross lock, computer lock, etc. are all marble locks; magnetic locks are popular in the past few years, but these two years are relatively rare.

If the key fob is bare and has no teeth, it is inlaid with three or four small dots. The lock is a magnetic lock. The industry believes that the magnetic lock is not reliable, and the opening of the cross lock is very convenient. Special tools for opening magnetic locks and cross locks are now available on the market. With this tool, thieves can open most of the magnetic locks and cross locks in a minute or two.

Computer lock composite lock is more secure

Computer locks are just a professional name, not really using a computer to unlock. There are three to five circular grooves on the computer lock key. It is said that these grooves are assembled by the manufacturer and are called computer locks.

Different manufacturers, the programs used by computers are mostly different. The location, size and depth of the groove are naturally different, so its mutual opening rate is much lower than that of the cross lock and the word lock. Even if you unlock the master, it takes about ten minutes to open a computer lock.

There is also a security door lock that is relatively secure, that is, a composite lock. The so-called composite lock refers to the combination of two or more different principles of the lock cylinder on the same lock.

The most common compound lock on the market is the combination of a marble lock and a magnetic lock, which the professional calls a magnetic composite lock. To open such a lock, you must first destroy the magnetic properties of the lock before you can technically unlock it.

However, the magnetic composite lock also has an Achilles heel. If the key is improperly stored, impacted by gravity or exposed to high temperatures, it will demagnetize. Once degaussed, the lock will not open.

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